5 Tips for Successful Telecommuting

5 Tips for Successful Telecommuting
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With so many new forms of technology it is now easier than ever to telecommute. While it is possible to telecommute, not everyone is successful at it. When telecommuting there are 5 things to remember in order to be successful.

The first tip is to be well connected. Have your phone, internet, and email set up properly. Whatever tools you need to telecommute, make sure that they are working optimally.

The second tip is to set up a home office. You need to work in an area where you can concentrate and focus on your work. You need to also have a space where you can set up the equipment you need to use in order to telecommute and still have space to perform your job duties.

telecommuting tipsThe third tip when telecommuting is to have a set schedule. Set up times to do tasks and remember to meet your deadlines.

Another tip is to communicate with the people at work. Meet them in person when you can in order to facilitate work relationships and to stay on top of interoffice comings and goings. This is where email, video chat, and instant messaging comes in handy.

The last tip for telecommuting is to remember to take breaks. Staring at a computer screen or talking on the phone can have a hazardous effect on your body if you don’t take breaks to take care of yourself.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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