Best Uses for Instant Messaging in the Office

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office communication using instant messagingThe instant messaging software and apps have become extremely popular in the workplace. There are many times where this type of communication is much more effective than the email or other forms of communication.

Sometimes a person may be in a meeting, but there may be a need to get this person current information. This info may actually pertain to the meeting so this is a good time to get an instant message out.

There are also times when a group of employees may need to have access to information like passwords or certain shared Intranet access folders. It is good to have this type of information sent through instant messaging apps because it can be sent directly to the recipients. Private instant messaging can be used to send passwords and this cuts down on breaches in network security.

The office is changing more and more each day. For many years physical documents were the most important form of communication outside of verbal communication. This was complemented by email and text messaging, but today instant messaging reigns. It’s the fastest form of communication to other employees. This is the perfect way to relay messages and quickly get the attention of other employees that need information.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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