Brosix as an Alternative to Other Free Instant Messaging Programs

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instant messaging alternativeBrosix is a great option for personal use too. Brosix Public members get the same great features as Brosix Corporate users, minus their own private network and administrative settings.

For regular (or even sporadic) instant messaging users who want a secure connection with tons of features, Brosix can be a great option. However, for many users, these two attributes aren’t the best perk of Brosix, which is a great Skype alternative. Many users love the fact that the free version of Brosix Public contains NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

For people that are used to battling annoying pop up and integrated ads, this can be a lifesaver. There will be no more “clicking X” on ads over and over while trying to instant message or video chat with friends.

The Brosix Public version is also a good alternative to Yahoo Instant Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. These instant messaging programs are ripe with ads and spammers who want you to click on unsafe links. Participating in an online scam can lead to identity theft, computer viruses and infection, and more. Avoid all these headaches by using a secure instant messaging program like Brosix. Their encrypted servers and the private Brosix Public network helps prevent spammers from harming your computer.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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