Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger Wins, Places in Best IM Client Competition

EmailGoogle GmailShare recently announced the results of their 2009 Best IM Client Competition which generated thousands of nominations and votes. Brosix Enterprise Messaging was a surprise victor in two categories and placed in the top three in three other categories. Brosix was going up against companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo.

Brosix won “Best Instant Messaging Feature” for their Whiteboard feature.’s Instant Messaging Editor Brandon De Hoyos had this to say in the results page, “This exciting feature allows Brosix users to draw diagrams, images and other visuals to help Brosix’s largely business-based user illustrate their points. Paired with other low-cost conferencing tools, Whiteboard can help make business communications easier and more affordable over similar web-conferencing tools available on the Internet.”

Brosix also emerged victorious in the “Developers of the Year” contest which lead to Brandon writing, “Founded in 2006, Brosix’s developers at software creator D-Bross, of Bulgaria, worked to build one of the most versatile, efficient and cost-effective IM clients for business. Today, their client is becoming more and more popular in businesses across North America and around the globe.

Offering businesses and organizations the opportunity to operate their own, private, secure IM network while also saving them time and money with their easy-to-use client, Brosix has built a niche for itself where fewer clients are able to tread.”

Brosix also placed in the top three for the “2009 Best IM Client” and “Best Independent IM Client“. The other result for Brosix was 2nd in “Most Improved Instant Messaging Clients“.

“These results are a credit to the entire Brosix team. We’ve been working extremely hard to build the best enterprise messaging client that we can. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to continuing to work on Brosix for years to come as we build the best enterprise messaging client for businesses the world over,” remarked Stefan Chekanov, one of the founders of Brosix.

Founded in 2006, Brosix offers both a secure enterprise messaging client and a free instant messaging version for Windows-based computers, with a Mac version on the way. For more information visit

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Stefan Chekanov

Stefan worked as a software developer and project manager for many years and successfully brought to the market several products. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Sofia. Stefan loves to spend his free time traveling with his family.

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