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The smartphone as a work tool has long since been a valuable device. Users can schedule meetings, have 24/7 access to emails, monitor their projects, and more. There are also thousands of applications to choose from to help with productivity and time maintenance – all from a mobile, hand-held device. To help get the most out of the iPhone, be sure to check out some of the top-rated work-friendly applications and/or accessories. They not only help make tasks a breeze, they’ll free up plenty of free time for the apps users are really after – Angry Birds and Instagram anyone?

Story Leather

Price range: $20-$100

story leather iphone caseFirst off, it’s important to keep mobile phones well protected from the elements. Keep iPhones, Droids, tablets, etc. safe from drops or scratches with a custom
leather case from Coming in a variety of functions (store two phones in one case, or pack along debit cards), colors, and sizes, these cases are
some of the most durable options available. And because their cases are made of leather, they also offer a professional look that other brands lack.

Check out their stock today, or try the custom builder to get a one-of-a-kind case.








For those who have trouble tracking expenses, Lemon has got you covered. Just download the free app and scan receipts to receive custom spending charts and reports. The app can even be linked to bank accounts to avoid the paper trail all together. Their new app, Lemon Wallet, even allows users to keep a copy of important cards online. With Lemon and a smartphone, bookkeeping has never been easier.




Last but not least, Brosix allows users to text, share screens, talk, and more. Whether at a computer or a mobile device, this app cuts down the need for other programs
by combining several services into one. Access files while on the go, share important information, or show a coworker how to navigate different programs.

Head to the iTunes store or our instant messaging website to find out more.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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