Two Common Email Blunders That Could Get You in Trouble

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email communicationIn today’s modern world, email is one of the most popular methods of communication. Much of this can be attributed to its extreme ease of use, however, with ease of use comes ease of misuse. Quite often, someone you know or maybe even you yourself will commit an email blunder that stirs up feelings of extreme embarrassment. A few of these include:

  • Reply All: Be careful when responding to emails that were intended for multiple people. In this situation, you must know that when you hit the reply button you will be replying to the entire group of people the email was intended for. Therefore, if it’s something you’d like to keep private it’s best that you don’t make this mistake. This is by far the biggest mistake you could make yet it’s the most common one of all.
  • Wrong Contact: This goes hand in hand with the last blunder, but instead of unintentionally sending an email to multiple people you’ve managed to send it to only a single or a few unintended people. Information is sensitive, therefore it’s crucial that the people receiving your message are the same ones you intended to receive it.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey is a Search Marketing Specialist, Freelance Writer, and Owner of MoxieDot, an online marketing agency. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and doing yoga.

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