Conduct Interactive Training Sessions on Your Instant Messengers

Conduct Interactive Training Sessions on Your Instant Messengers
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There are lots of possibilities of how one can use instant messengers at work place. Just play around with the features of your favorite instant messenger, like Brosix, and you can suit it to your needs. One such possibility is conducting live training sessions for your employees on Instant messengers. Training ensures your employees stay up to date with all the latest developments and techniques.

You can carry out one to one or group training sessions in your organization using IMs. Some of the advantages for training over instant messengers are cost saving and having virtual sessions with some of the best trainers in the world. Setting up the training program can be a cake walk if you choose the right instant messenger. Listed are some of the best practices to adopt before starting the sessions:

  1. Send out messages and invites to employees attending the training. Make sure to include Time, Duration, Topic for Training and name and background of the trainer.
  2. A small presentation to let employees know what the training session would cover.
  3. General rules and etiquettes to be followed during the training session.

Making training sessions interactive can go a long way in reducing boredom and increasing participation among employees. Trainers can demonstrate or explain their ideas on a feature called whiteboard on Brosix where they can paint and draw various shapes to get their point across. Co-browsing a website that would help in the training is also a good idea. With modern day instant messenger’s virtual training sessions are as good as face to face training if not better. Give it a try the next time you have a trainings planned at your company.

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