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The great new feature in Brosix 3 “Multiple Languages” allows you to use the application in your language.

We have prepared Brosix for the limited number of languages we know ourselves. If you want to see Brosix speak your language, please spend 1 hour and do the translation.

To translate Brosix to your language you should do this:

1. Download the translation package from
2. Unzip it
3. Start linguist.exe
4. Open every file ending with .ts in linguist.exe and edit the phrases
5. Don’t forget to save the changes :-)
6. ZIP the folder and send it to us with a comment which is the language

As soon as we receive the translation package, we will make a new build that will include your translation and will send it to you. So you will be the first that will see Brosix in your language :-)

Stefan Chekanov

Stefan worked as a software developer and project manager for many years and successfully brought to the market several products. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Sofia. Stefan loves to spend his free time traveling with his family.

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