How to Get Used to Instant Messaging

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If you are coming into a new job or company where instant messaging is used heavily, it can be quite a change of daily workflow if you had not used it previously. At first, you may find that instant messaging is cumbersome and disruptive; however, regular instant messaging users swear that it has made them more productive and achieve better levels of communication with their co-workers.

In a new company, supervisors and co-workers appreciate new employees that are eager to learn and transition to the daily workflow and communication methods that already exist within the company.

To get used to instant messaging, first try to move to digital forms of communication– email, web conferencing, etc. When you are going to call a colleague, drop by their desk, or email them with a question, think first, “Would this be better to send through an instant message?”

If you think that it would be less invasive to the other user and less disruptive to their (and your) workflow, then you should most likely send the question through an instant message instead.

Additionally, files can be sent through an enterprise instant messaging program like Brosix, which has a secure and encrypted connection to protect your files. If you and a colleague are conversing through IM about a project, it may be easier to send a needed file to him or her through the File Transfer feature instead of opening email and sending it through there.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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