How to Not Be Rude on IM

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rude communicationAre you familiar with the unspoken rules of netiquette? Most people make a few innocent mistakes when instant messaging, and it winds up escalating into bigger issue than it has to be. By learning a few simple do’s and don’ts regarding instant messaging, you can avoid inadvertently offending a friend or coworker in the long run.

Typing in all capital letters is one of the cardinal sins of instant messaging. On the internet, capital letters signify shouting, and sending a message in all capital letters not only can offend the recipient, but it can make you seem utterly foolish. Imagine a person who shouts incessantly while engaging in conversation. That’s you when you type exclusively capital letters.

Nothing can aggravate another person more than having a text conversation, only for the other person to abruptly stop responding. Imagine approaching your best friend and striking up a conversation, only for him or her to walk away mid sentence. That’s what it’s like when you fail to respond to a message.

Many text based messaging systems have a system of text-based smiley faces, or emoticons available. A well placed emoticon now and then can do wonders to convey one’s emotions, but excessive emoticons serve to be nothing but a nuisance. Picture a person who does nothing but go around grinning from ear to ear, seems irritating, doesn’t it?

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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