How to stay in contact when you move out of the country

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how to stay in touch when you're out of the countryWhat is one of the absolute hardest things to cope with when you move out of the country for business, either by taking a new job, or landing that big promotion?

Dealing with how to stay in touch with everyone back home, and not break the bank!

Foreign calls are expensive to say the least, not to mention if you get a less than stellar connection and your time is spent saying things like “what was that”, or “I can’t hear you”, it’s frustrating.

Thankfully, being 2000 miles away from home shouldn’t be expensive or an issue any longer. With an enterprise instant messaging network, you’re able to securely communicate with anyone in your company from anywhere in the world. Now you can easily send off a new prospectus via an attachment, or ask that last minute question that didn’t get covered in the slideshow. Take messages from people in near real time as they come in and get your problems handled as fast as you can type.

Worried about a time difference? No need to worry about that anymore– now if you’re offline, your messages are stored on the server and will be sent to you once you log in. Communication from half a world away, as if you’re right next door.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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