How to Use Instant Messaging at the Gym

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instant messaging and work while at the gymOne of the benefits of technology users incorporating their smartphones, computers, and tablets into their everyday life is that wireless intern is available from almost anywhere. This is the case for gyms, which sometimes provide free wifi to their patrons. Additionally, many tech-savvy users also pay for internet service on their phone and tablet where ever they go. While some may see this as ridiculous, it does have its benefits.

Patrons can finish email, work on projects, or even use an enterprise instant messaging program like Brosix, all while working out on a treadmill, elliptical, or other piece of cardio equipment. It should be noted that users should take precautions to be safe and never use any device while exercising that could injure them. Using common sense here is key.

It is not recommended to use laptop computers while at the gym, unless treadmill desks are provided. Laptops are simply too big to really be useful while getting a workout at the gym. While exercising and using your phone or tablet at the gym, make sure you have an anti-slip cover so it stills comfortably in your hands or on the ledge of the piece of cardio equipment.

Another place to use wifi to work while at the gym is in the cafe. Many larger gyms have adjoining cages that include wifi. Take a shower in the locker room and then relax in the cafe with your tablet or laptop and a smoothie or sandwich!

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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