Instant Messaging is More Productive than Meetings

Instant Messaging is More Productive than Meetings
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Hosting a meeting to communicate changes within your business use to be a great form of communicating to your employees but utilizing meetings reduces productivity. When you have all of your employees in a meeting no one is working. Even having multiple meetings to keep operations going reduces productivity because management isn’t functioning in their capacity. To maximize productivity while communicating with your employees, you should incorporate the use of instant messenger.

Instant messenger allows you to have a conversation with employees. You can provide them with feedback, while they can relay what they are experiencing back to you. It is more effective than meetings because the conversation can happen even while the employee is working.

stay productive without meetingsA wide range of businesses can utilize this effective tool to provide feedback, critiques and update employees on company policies. When you utilize an instant messaging system you continue to reap the benefits of continued production. Instant messaging is also great for global teams. You have the benefit of talking to them in real time without added expenses such as long distance charges.

Dismissing the benefits of using instant messaging systems will ultimately mean that you lose hours of production and revenue by having meetings the old way.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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