Instant Messaging versus Email

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I am a “power email-er”. I love to jot down quick notes to my friends and shoot them an email, send links to articles I find worth reading, and sometimes write out a long message updating them on life and hoping for an in depth message in return. For work I find email to be extremely useful – of course – and in politics email is the lifeblood of the workplace, so much so that it was strange for me to make the transition to a more old media company that was much more oriented on printed off memos and phone calls. So, yes, I love email.

I have ran into a problem on recent jobs in the area of their enterprise servers groaning under the weight of all of the undeleted emails, too many users for such a slow network, etc. etc. The emails from corporate would come in daily asking people to delete all of their “not necessary” messages and these would be promptly ignored because who wants to weed through all of their emails and decide what they need to keep and what they do not want to keep? And the problem would keep growing and growing and growing…

What is one solution? Instant messaging! A huge, huge chunk of those emails were of the sort that a quick IM could have solved without the bogging down of every one’s email. That, my friends, is invaluable and one more reason why companies should look to products such as Brosix moving forward!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the week ahead! As always – email me at nhahn at brosix dot org if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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