Should you always be Available via IM?

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Some people feel that it is a good idea to always be available via instant messenger. Others enjoy what this mode of communication offers, but make sure to stay away at certain times of the day. Whether or not you always stay available via instant messenger is up to you. Here are three details that will help you make up your mind:

1. If you do not want to be bothered you should not sign into your instant messaging account. After all, if you are not available online nobody can get in touch with you through this method. Instead, they will have to call or visit in person.

2. Use away messages to your advantage. Just because you are always online does not mean that you have to always be available for communication. Do yourself a big favor and use instant messages when you do not or cannot speak with others. Not only will this keep others away, but your message can show them what you are doing and when you will be available.

3. Coworkers will adapt to your instant messenger schedule, and you should do the same. For instance, if you are always unavailable from 8 am to 10 am your coworkers will pick up on this and realize that it would be better to contact you in another way if they have something to say, a question to ask, etc.
There is nothing wrong with being available via instant messenger on a regular basis. Just make sure you follow the above details to ensure that you don’t get into any bad habits.

Chris Bibey

Chris Bibey

Chris Bibey is a freelance writer and social media expert with more than seven years of experience. Chris has been working for Brosix for more than 4 years, and always gives valuable tips and advice to our readers.

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