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How to stay safe online

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how to stay safe onlineThere are many different tips that one can utilize when they are browsing the Internet so that they can stay safe while they’re online. Furthermore, it’s also important that people monitor their children’s activity while they are online also. Taking these precautionary steps will help to ensure that people are safeguarded from unauthorized activity or spammers while they are online.

First of all when one is using the Internet, they should never browse to malicious sites as these can contain malware and viruses. Additionally, if one is sent fishy looking emails, they should also be wary as these contain malware and viruses. If an individual receives spam emails, they should go ahead and just delete them immediately. Opening these types of emails can cause unwanted activity on the computer such as malware or viruses.

As for safeguarding the computer, there is also malware software, anti-virus software as well as pop-up blocker software. These programs will assist one on the Internet to help block spam ads or other pops ups along with malicious websites. People should also be very careful about the types of online shopping they do, where they shop and what financial information is given.

If the individual sees that the website is not very reputable and seems like it could be a fake, it most likely is. Fake websites are designed by hackers to steal people’s financial information. On another note, people should also refrain from ever using public computers to engage in financial activity as people may steal this information.

Lastly, there could be sites that pose as the real website one would like to log into. When someone logs into the fake page, their information can be stolen to abuse their account in some way. As for children using the Internet, they should be monitored when they are online to ensure that they are not visiting bad sites or sites that could get them into trouble. Furthermore, it’s beneficial for one to put the main computer in the family room where adults can monitor the children while they are online.

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Calm Security Fears with a Private Network

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, Brosix Enterprise allows administrators to create their private instant messaging network, which allows them to monitor conversations of users in the network, add/edit permissions for features, and to add more users. This is a great and unique feature that can ward off any concerns that come with the leaking of confidential information or documents by employees (whether knowingly or unknowingly). A private instant messaging network will not only keep all conversations within approved users and computers, but will also prevent any hackers from accessing the network since it is highly encrypted.

According to a report published in March 2010, malicious attacks can have real and serious costs to a company: “Malicious attacks increased 7 percentage points in 2010 from the previous year, the study found, with the costs of such attacks jumping 48 percent, to an average of $318 per compromised record. Hostile breaches on average cost more than incidents blamed on negligence, such as lost laptops or computer system breakdowns, the report said.” These costs don’t ene take into consideration the breaches that are knowingly taken by employees– that is, employees sending confidential information and reports to contacts outside of the company.

In order to protect your company, try a free 30-day trial of Brosix Enterprise today. A private instant messaging network is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and instead should be put into place in all business communication policies.

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