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How to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

How to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure
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Since the 1990s, instant messaging has given people around the world the advantage of easily communicating with their loved ones. Web mail providers such as AOL, Yahoo!, and Gmail have come up with their own instant messaging services. These instant messaging providers help millions of people to connect with their family and friends every day. Just recently, an instant messaging provider that offers free video calls has also emerged, allowing people from both ends to virtually see each other while chatting.

In addition, instant messaging has now reached social networking sites, such as Facebook, serving its goal of providing Facebook users with a quick means of chatting with friends in real time.

small_986548379With instant messaging gaining much popularity even in Facebook, whose features are mostly public, we might start wondering if our conversations with other people via Facebook instant messaging are being kept private. We might also be thinking if Facebook runs an instant messaging program that assures its clients that all conversations made via Facebook chat will completely be private. But since we are not sure enough if indeed Facebook takes care of our privacy, we might as well adopt some ways on how to prevent our private instant messages via Facebook from being hacked, such as refraining from sharing important personal information like bank account numbers and pin codes of credit cards and, of course, logging out properly every after use of the site.

If you’d rather use a more secure instant messaging, be sure to check out Brosix! You can download the free version here.

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Why does instant messaging increase creativity?

Why does instant messaging increase creativity?
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Instant messaging is one of the most unique and innovative methods of communicating with customers, clients, family and friends. In fact, instant messaging has hundreds of great benefits that makes communicating easier than ever. Why does instant messaging increase creativity for networking with clients? Read below:small__4209735621

  1. Group chats: Instant messaging allows you or your company to do easy, fast and effective group chats. Whether it’s across the world or simply done to discuss upcoming plans, having instant messaging makes it easy to stay in touch at all times and brings people together.
  2. Saving money: No need to make long distance spendy calls anymore just for talking. Instant messaging will allow you to talk whenever, however, and do it without paying the high prices of communication. It’s the most affordable way of communicating.
  3. Share files instantly: Not only does instant messaging allow you to talk quickly and easily, but it also means you can share files, pictures, audio and links within seconds. A great tool for individuals who want to share photos or for companies looking to transfer files or information in a secure and easy manner.

Instant messaging is the newest and most creative way to communicate easily any time.

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How Can I Send Documents and Stay Secure via Instant Messaging?

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In this day and age, almost everyone is aware of the absence of security on the internet. Facebook posts have been used to convict criminals and insurance frauds. The text and instant messages of the rapists of Jane Doe of Steubenville were used to convict them.

sending secure documents

While the types of messages that we send every day are not of the type that might get us convicted in court, it is still the safest thing to do to use a secure instant messaging network. The number and skill of hackers everywhere is growing. Companies that you work for can sometimes even scour your social networking for posts that do not represent the company well. People have been known to be fired for that reason.

Therefore, it really is in your interests to use secure instant messaging networks, and privacy settings whenever possible. We all know there is absolutely no way to not be able to completely be politically correct at all times and with the amount of interaction on the social networks we now do, it is best to use security. All types of documents can be sent via instant secure messaging. There really is no limit to the type and quantity. However, you can be sure that they will be secure.

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How to Transfer Files Securely

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secure file transfer brosix instant messengerThe Brosix Files Transfer feature makes it easy to send files of all different types to your other instant messenger contacts quickly and securely. Often times, this is faster than email, especially if you’re both online and using Instant Messenger. There are many types of files that can be sent using the file transfer. In the workplace this is especially useful for sharing meeting notes, images for articles that need to be used immediately, and other files that you are not sure will be secure by email.

No matter what type Brosix Instant Messenger you use to communicate, either you on the Public or enterprise network, your files and messages will go through encrypted servers. This makes them secure and safe from hackers or anyone else that is trying to get your data without prior approval. This is especially helpful for confidential records or documents that need to be sent to someone else electronically and/or confidential for the company.Because many meeting notes often contain confidential information, the Brosix file transfer feature makes it easy to send confidential meeting notes without having to worry about any one that is unauthorized reviewing the document without someone sending it to them directly.

Do you use the file transfer in Brosix frequently? If so. let us know how in the comments.

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Brosix is the best free MSN Alternative

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msn alternative Microsoft recently announced that it will be closing Windows Live Messenger (also known as MSN Messenger) for good on March 15.  According to UK, this has “been a long time coming”.

The article also states,

“Microsoft has announced plans to shut down its Messenger service (formerly Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger) and move users to Skype from 15 March 2013.

The sad news came in the form of an official email from Microsoft.

It is believed that Messenger users residing in mainland China will be unaffected by this closure.”

Microsoft is urging Live customers to switch to Skype, as it acquired it for $8.5 billion. However, with the recent privacy concerns and bugs that have been found in Skype, Brosix Instant Messenger can be a great alternative for former MSN Messenger users.

Not only is Brosix more secure and encrypted, it also will soon offer the ability to also sign in to different instant messenger programs, including Live (which is transitioning to Skype), AIM, and more. Brosix has also NOT experienced any of the security issues and bugs that has plagued Skype in the recent months.

To download Brosix for FREE, visit

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Maintaining Privacy When Using Instant Messaging

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It is crucial for many business professionals and individuals to maintain privacy when they are using their computer in a public place or office for instant messaging communication. This is important because many conversations that taken place via instant messaging can contain confidential information that could be harmful to the company if it is put in the wrong hands.

For this reason, it is important to take precautions when carrying out a private instant messaging conversation. The following are a few ways to to maintain discretion and still using instant messaging successfully.

  1. Face the computer screen toward the wall. This is probably the easiest change. Try to sit  so you are facing the open area and your computer is facing the wall. This will offer some more privacy.
  2. Buy a privacy screen protector. There are privacy filters available that make it impossible to view what is on your screen unless you are looking directly at it. This means that people sitting next to you will not be able to see your screen. This can be extremely beneficial when riding in an airplane or while sitting in a cramped cafe.
  3. Keep your windows small. Don’t let your instant messaging conversations take up the majority of your screen. That will make them much easier to view. Additionally, a bigger monitor means the better chance someone has to see your conversation. Be aware of this.

These are just some of the ways to keep your instant messaging private.

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments.


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The Least Secure Passwords in 2012

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Splashdata has released its annual list of the worst passwords online– meaning those that are the easiest to guess, therefore making your account information more accessible to hackers. Creating a secure password of multiple numbers, nonsensical uppercase and lowercase letters together, and even special characters like ! or @ can help make your account more secure.

It is also recommended to not use the same password for every website.

The top 25 worst (and therefore least secure) passwords are (with a note to how they compared to last year’s list):

  1. password Unchanged
  2. 123456 Unchanged
  3. 12345678 Unchanged
  4. abc123 Up 1
  5. qwerty Down 1
  6. monkey Unchanged
  7. letmein Up 1
  8. dragon Up 2
  9. 111111 Up 3
  10. baseball Up 1
  11. iloveyou Up 2
  12. trustno1 Down 3
  13. 1234567 Down 6
  14. sunshine Up 1
  15. master Down 1
  16. 123123 Up 4
  17. welcome New
  18. shadow Up 1
  19. ashley Down 3
  20. football Up 5
  21. jesus New
  22. michael Up 2
  23. ninja New
  24. mustang New
  25. password1 New

How do your passwords fair? Are they hard to guess?

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Staying Secure With Brosix

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Brosix makes it easy to keep files, conversations, and personal user & company data completely secure. This is because Brosix uses encrypted servers and private instant messaging networks (for Enterprise clients) that ensure that non-approved users will ever be able to access the network.

Recently, security concerns have popped up surrounding the new AIM program, which was re-designed and re-launched in the fall of 2011. An article on states:

“The new preview version of AOL Instant Messenger raised privacy concerns for us when it was first introduced, first because it started storing more logs of communications and second, because it apparently scanned all private IMs for URLs and pre-fetched any URLs found in them,” EFF said in a blog post on Tuesday.

The upcoming AIM client stores all chat logs on AOL’s servers by default so that they can be accessed from multiple devices. However, despite the obvious usability benefits, this behavior poses privacy risks to users.

These types of security concerns are never something to worry about with Brosix. To learn more about Brosix or to secure a free trial, visit the main Brosix website.

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Calm Security Fears with a Private Network

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, Brosix Enterprise allows administrators to create their private instant messaging network, which allows them to monitor conversations of users in the network, add/edit permissions for features, and to add more users. This is a great and unique feature that can ward off any concerns that come with the leaking of confidential information or documents by employees (whether knowingly or unknowingly). A private instant messaging network will not only keep all conversations within approved users and computers, but will also prevent any hackers from accessing the network since it is highly encrypted.

According to a report published in March 2010, malicious attacks can have real and serious costs to a company: “Malicious attacks increased 7 percentage points in 2010 from the previous year, the study found, with the costs of such attacks jumping 48 percent, to an average of $318 per compromised record. Hostile breaches on average cost more than incidents blamed on negligence, such as lost laptops or computer system breakdowns, the report said.” These costs don’t ene take into consideration the breaches that are knowingly taken by employees– that is, employees sending confidential information and reports to contacts outside of the company.

In order to protect your company, try a free 30-day trial of Brosix Enterprise today. A private instant messaging network is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and instead should be put into place in all business communication policies.

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Is Your Online Identity Secure?

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magnifying glassThese days, it pays to be paranoid when it comes to the type of information about you that is shared online. Websites like Facebook and MySpace have only made many people’s lives even less private and it pays to take precautions when doing any type of activity online, whether it be online shopping or having conversations with friends and co-workers using an instant messenger. Below are some guidelines to making sure you are secure online.

  1. Only give credit card information to websites you trust. Make sure the website is securely encrypted. If you feel unsure about it, don’t give them your information. Use Google Shopping to find the same product on another, more secure, website or use PayPal.
  2. Don’t post personal information online. This includes your address, phone number, places you hang out regularly, when you’re going on vacation, or major spots you hang out.
  3. Don’t talk to strangers. Sure, the internet can be a great place to meet new people, but it can also be a place to meet a lot of people who have shady intentions. Avoid chat rooms or social networks where strangers can view your profile or personal information.
  4. The Bottom Line: Just use common sense. You wouldn’t go around in public at Panera or Wal-Mart with your credit card number or social security number on your t-shirt, so don’t do the same thing online. Just be smart. If something looks bad, then it probably is.
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