Taking a Break from Instant Messaging

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relax in a hammock

Take a Break From Instant Messaging & Relax in a Hammock!

While Brosix instant messaging allows users to access their network and contacts from almost anywhere — applications, web based chat, and programs for Linux, pc, and apple– it is also important to know when to take a break from technology and instant messaging in order to be the most productive employee and professional that you can.

  • Personal time: be sure to spend enough time with friends and family, and not to be instant messaging when people are trying to spend quality time with you.
  • During meals: it is better for digestion and awareness to take a break from work and technology while eating.
  • While angry or tired: if you are in a bad mood or are extremely tired, it may be time to turn off instant messaging for the night or to take a quick walk or coffee break until you are feeling better. In many cases, because instant messaging is INSTANT communication, people may say things they don’t mean because they are upset or very tired. Making sure you are in the right frame of mind can make all the difference!
  • Driving: this should be a no-brainer, but studies have shown that texting behind the while is like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol!
What are some other instances where you shouldn’t be instant messaging? Let us know in the comments.
Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey is a Search Marketing Specialist, Freelance Writer, and Owner of MoxieDot, an online marketing agency. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and doing yoga.

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