Technical Support Via Brosix

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The many features of Brosix instant messenger make it an easy program to use for interactions and troubleshooting sessions between IT or customer service employees and customers. Besides using text chat to communicate with customers, employees can also use the screen sharing or co-browse features to help customers.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing Feature of Brosix

These features allow the company employees to see the issue that the customer is having on their computer (via Screen Sharing) or on their website (via Co-Browse) so they can begin to troubleshoot and figure out how to solve the problem. Customers appreciate the instant service this type of “digital problem solving” provides, and employees (and companies) appreciate the convenience of being able to solve customers’ problems directly from their desks and offices.  This saves costs on sending employees out “into the field”– meaning, heading to customer’s homes or business offices to help them solve the problem in person.

Technical support via Brosix helps customers get the help they need instantly, and helps companies save the costs of in-person assistance. And because Brosix is a free download that is always secure and advertisement-free, most customers won’t mind having to install the program onto their computer in order to complete the technical support communication session.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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