The Best Apps to Keep Track of New Year Resolutions

The Best Apps to Keep Track of New Year Resolutions
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Everyone loves the New Year, because it lets you start with a clean slate for setting new goals, targets and an opportunity to flush out all the bad habits and infuse all the good ones. But it’s not easy as it sounds for a lot of people. Research shows a majority of people abandon their New Year resolutions. But fortunately we have tech by our side to try and keep us on track. Here are a few Smartphone apps we believe can help you stay on the right path.small__11687937746

  1. Habit List: This is a dead simple app but can do you a world of good if habits set in the app are followed religiously. The apps description says it all “Create good habits. Break unhealthy ones. Build a better you.” Just set the habits you would like to follow in 2014. The Home screen shows a list of your habits, just tick them off as you progress in your plans. You can set habits on specific days and months and the app will only show it on that day or through the whole month.  So if you’re scheduled to do yoga twice a week (Monday & Wednesday) than the reminder doesn’t show up on any other day. Download it here for $2.99 on iOS.
  2. Mint: Reducing or paying off debt completely can be a top New Year resolution. If you’re looking to hit the gym, join classes or go on a tour, you need to track and save expenses and Mint lets you do just that. It will help categorize your expenses from groceries to alcohol and transportation to outdoor activities. You can set an allocated budget for each category; on exceeding the budget the app will send a push notification or email. Free to download on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.
  3.  My FitnessPal: Looking to shed some weight and slim down in the New Year? My FitnessPal will be your trusted pal to track your food habits and count calories. It has unarguably the largest database of food items at 3.5 million. This would make it easy to track all sort of food habits. You can set goals, track them using intuitive statistics and even loose wait faster with its inbuilt social features. Free to download on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.


In the end it’s all about being committed and focused on your goals for 2014, and these apps help you do just that.
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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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