Top 5 Products for Tech Geeks in 2013

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In today’s technology driven world, everyone is looking for the new and improved upgrades for current systems and innovative additions to the market today. It helps to know what’s to come in the following year so that people can get their check books ready and find ways to make more money to get the craving for new toys covered.

wii uWii U

With the advent of gaming products that utilize touch screens and motion sensors. Nintendo has managed to increase the ante again and push the boundaries of technology for the video game industry. The Wii U boasts graphic capabilities that rival the PS3 and Xbox 360. Not only that, but the controller has it’s own touch screen, allowing people to play games on and off the system, and gives players the ability to play the same game from different rooms.


The next generation of PlayStation = epic!


This is the next generation of game technology. Utilizing the Android operating system, Ouya is the open source game center for developers and game enthusiasts around the world. All games are free to play.


The iPad, but just a bit smaller. Need I say more?

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro

The professional version of a game changer. Best for business professionals still utilizing the Windows platform.


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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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