Use Instant Messenger to Prevent Worrying

Use Instant Messenger to Prevent Worrying
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Instant messaging can be a great tool when you are a parent that is constantly worrying about your children. Because IM is another form of digital communication, there are many examples of where it can come in handy to make sure your children are on track and even just getting their homework done.

Utilizing Mobile Instant Messaging

If your child has a smartphone with the Brosix iPhone or Android app (or another messaging app), you are able to contact them when they are online on their phone. This can help you make sure they are safe if they are traveling or out with friends and aren’t responding to texts or phone calls.

While You’re At Work

how to prevent worrying as a parentIf your children get home before you do, you can easily check on them if they are online on an instant messenger. This can be less disruptive to your workflow (instead of a phone call or typing out a text on your phone) and will let you know quickly that your child is home.

While You’re Away

If you are out on the town for date night or traveling for business or vacation, instant messaging can be a good way to stay in contact with your children. Take a few minutes waiting in line at the bathroom or in the cab to let them know you are thinking about them.

These types of digital tools can help parents sleep better at night, knowing they are better able to communicate with their children.

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