What to Do When a Co-Worker Won’t Use Instant Messaging

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For offices that spend a large amount of their time using instant messaging as a main source of communication, it may be difficult and slow productivity when an employee doesn’t like using instant messaging. How do you work with this co-worker and make sure that work is still being done while communication still remains effective? Below are some tips.

Meet in the middle. Ask the co-worker to use instant messaging for information one sentence or less, such as when they are leaving for an appointment or if they have turned a project in. For longer conversations, try to accommodate them by sending an email or speaking with them in person. Once they see that you are trying to work with them, they will be more accommodating as well.

Use Other Efficient Ways of Communicating. If they refuse to use instant messaging at all, try to use the phone. This is another way to reach out to someone without having to leave your desk.

If all else fails, speak with management. If instant messaging is a crucial part of work flow (this is especially important if the company does a lot of web conferencing or virtual brainstorming), it may be necessary to bring management into the conversation. Perhaps the manager has a better way of explaining IM to the co-worker and may come up with better solutions.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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