Why is Brosix the Best IM Client? Being Ahead of the Curve.

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One of the many reasons that I believe Brosix Messaging is the best IM client is that the company has continually proven itself to be ahead of the curve. The collaborative features within by Brosix are miles ahead of the competition and provide your company with the chance to fully realize the power of Instant Messaging. The features will also prove beneficial as far as cutting costs with telecommuting being easier due to Brosix. In a day and age when companies are having their workers work four days a week to save on costs that can prove especially helpful.

Brosix, however, is ahead of the curve in another area that is exciting to me as something of a “tech geek”.

I highlighted the voicemail feature of Brosix a few weeks ago because I am genuinely excited about the possibilities of further integration of voice and text in messaging programs. It can help clear hurdles of miscommunication, help you make your points ever clearer, and generally add a more personal touch to your communications.

The reason why I bring this up again today is that the technology websites are burning up this morning over Google’s integration of “Google Voice” into GMail. Reuters had this to say:

The new service weaves traditional phone features with Google’s Gmail email product, allowing a person to store transcripts of voicemail phone messages in their email inbox.

Brosix, however, instituted voicemail a while ago – a great feature, certainly – without much fanfare. That is the great thing about Brosix, however, they continually improve the product and prove that they are ahead of the curve without trumpeting it to the rooftops.

Yet another reason why I believe Brosix would prove to be the best IM client for you.

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