Why you should use IM on your smartphone

Why you should use IM on your smartphone
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IM is a popular choice for communicating, simply because it’s very straightforward, a log of the conversation is kept, and people can communicate in real-time. This is compared to sending SMS texts, and awaiting for a response.

You are wise to look into using IM on your smartphone, because of the fact that there are apps available, and it is very user friendly. Many people already have IM screen names, because they have email accounts. When you add your friends to your IM contact list, you can send and receive messages quickly between one another. Furthermore, using IM messaging apps do not cost money like an SMS plan does. Lastly, with IM, you will also be able to send and receive pictures and audio notes.

Why you should use IM on your smartphoneUsually people with smartphones are generally logged in to their email account through the day, so that they can check new emails as they receive them. Majority of smartphone users also utilize IM apps as a part of their email experience. Not only do instant messages appear instantly, email messages are also displayed in an instant message notification for people to be aware. When you start using IM apps on your smartphone, you’ll see the convenience and ease of the process yourself.

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