Brosix Now Available on Google Chrome Web Store

Brosix Now Available on Google Chrome Web Store
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Brosix Instant Messenger is now available on Google Chrome Web Store for easier access and download.

Our cross-platform communication and collaboration tool provides private instant messaging, group chat, and collaboration features to companies and individual users. It also helps improve and maximize business productivity in teams.

It offers enterprises, chat, collaboration and messaging services.

Brosix for Personal use is downloadable for free. It is best used by those who want to benefit from the innovative features of instant messaging. At no cost at all, you can enjoy the perks of text chat, sending offline text messages, text conference, file transfer, screenshot, screensharing, whiteboard, audio and video calls and external network. Enjoy the strong encryption on Brosix communication channels.

For companies and business enterprises that want to take advantage of the full features of Brosix secure instant messaging, various subscription packages and rates are available depending on your requirements.

Make your team more productive through Brosix Enterprise features that include private Instant messaging network, local groups, web guest, multiple administrators in the Control panel, user management tools, features and web control panels. There are also different security levels for user data access and private groups, providing full control over user accounts.

You can try Brosix Enterprise for FREE for 30 days before subscribing to the service. The Enterprise version is available in Basic, Pro and Ultimate packages.

Brosix secure chat service is built for businesses, groups and teams. It is also very convenient to use for individual users and even non-techies. Brosix can also connect to other chat networks like AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Facebook and Google Talk.

To get Brosix on Google Chrome, click here. ###


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Reddit’s On A Roll

Reddit’s On A Roll
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Reddit is turning 10 this year. Coinciding with its first decade in the World Wide Web is the launch of its video division tasked to create original content. With this bold move, the social news service is just a step away to transforming into a media company.

Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian announced this big update at TechCrunch’s Disprut NY conference early this month., Reddit’s sister company, was quick to quip that with the video launch, “Reddit is now officially a media company.”

Dubbed as the ‘front page of the internet’ for the past ten years, Reddit is hosting various content ranging from images, news links, obscure, interesting information including but not limited to jokes, memes, website links, comments and many more crowdsourced information from all over the internet.

Users can post links to online content and may vote up or down for the posted content until it appears on the site’s front page. Users can also discuss and leave comments about the posts. It has different subsections like gadgets, sports, gaming, pics, World News, videos, music, funny and others.

It displays news based on interests and likes of online community members. A few years back, it was touted as one of the fastest-growing websites. Most of the social news network is devoted to politics and global happenings.

Last year, Eric Gettberg, summed up Reddit’s online influence  — over 2 billion page views, 35 million users, and over 100 thousand subreddits.

On January 2012, Reddit was among the websites that led an internet ‘blackout’ against the controversial Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA). For 12 hours, the site stopped its regular service and flashed on its front page a message of opposition to SOPA and suggested ways on how to express dissatisfaction on the proposed bills. Reddit’s Ohanian even testified before the US Congress on behalf of the entire tech community.

It was also that year that the site was hailed as the ‘King of Social Media’ due to its massive, worldwide influence.

Throughout the years, the site further gained popularity among internet users through its ‘Ask Me Anything’ discussion featuring celebrities. This segment will be translated into videos.

The Verge video veterans Stephen Greenwood and Jordan Oplinger will provide valuable help and expertise to Reddit’s video channel.

“Every community and every user has a voice on Reddit; we’re excited to use the power of video to amplify those voices,” Oplinger said in a news story.

Reddit had its more than enough shares of controversial content throughout the years. One of the most talked about post was about “The Fappening” last year that dumped tons of leaked nude photos of celebrities. Imgur also compiled a selection of most controversial subreddits.

To emphasize its reputation online as the leading aggregator and curator of Internet news and bastion of free speech, Reddit shared its core values in a recent blog post:

  1. Remember the human
  2. Give people voices
  3. Respect anonymity and privacy
  4. Embrace experimentation
  5. Make deliberate decisions
  6. Be doers
  7. The spirit of Lambeosaurus embiggens us all

These values clearly balances Reddit’s stance on freedom of expression and online responsibility. And this is one of the reasons why it became a huge hit among social media users. If you’re not too serious to try Reddit, don’t worry the site is not taking your seriously too.

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Off-The-Record Messaging and Encrypted Chat

Off-The-Record Messaging and Encrypted Chat
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The last thing you want is for somebody else — an individual or an organization, snooping on your private chat sessions.

keysWe should not tolerate any kind of surveillance and invasion of privacy. We don’t want to compromise our privacy and security. As responsible users, we must adopt a strong, cryptography to protect our communications.

We should routinely use tools and apps to encrypt our communications.

There are apps that support off-the-record messaging and encrypted chat and messaging. Use of these apps is most useful if you want your messages to remain private and for your eyes only.

Encrypted chat ensures that no one can read the chat exchange except the participants who know the secret password to the conversation. If you prefer this kind of secure communication, all you have to do is to install an app supporting encrypted chat then choose a complex, hard-to-crack password and share it with chat participants.

passwordThere are also secure mobile messaging services and apps that use reliable end-to-end encryption for SMS, photos, images and voice messages you send. Other apps also provide service for encrypted video calls and video chats.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) follows a secure messaging scorecard through its Campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto that determines the level of security provided by companies.

To determine the level of security of each messaging service, the EFF provided these criteria:

  • Encrypted in transit?
  • Encrypted so the provider can’t read it?
  • Can you verify contacts’ identities?
  • Are past communications secure if your keys are stolen?
  • Is the code open to independent review?
  • Is security design properly documented?
  • Has there been any recent code audit?

Be sure to use to encryption so no one else can read your instant messages.

Through authentication, you are assured that the person you are chatting with is who you think he or she is.

Deniability means that during a conversation, you and the person you are chatting with are secured that the messages in your conversation are authentic and unmodified.

Perfect forward secrecy ensures that if you lose control of your private keys, no previous conversations are compromised.



Images: Keys and Password from

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Tech Companies Helping Quake-Stricken Nepal

Tech Companies Helping Quake-Stricken Nepal
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On April 25, a strong 7.8-magnitude quake jolted Nepal, the strongest tremor in the country in the past 80 years. The casualties reaching more than 5,000 as of April 28 and the numbers are increasing by the minute. According to the UN, more than 8 million people are affected by the disaster and 1.4 million are in immediate need of food aid.

When calamity strikes, it is important to establish connection to family, friends and authorities to seek aid, to confirm safety and to find missing persons affected by the calamity.

But in the case of Nepal where only 13 percent of its population is connected to the Internet, and with many of the infrastructures now either damaged or destroyed by the quake, communication has become a logistical nightmare.

To aid Nepal and its people affected by the quake, various technology companies have harnessed the power of technology to deliver important services.

nepal map

Google Person Finder

Aside from pledging $1-million for disaster relief and response in Nepal, Google activated its “Person Finder”. This service is designed to help determine if your family members, friends and people you know are safe and OK. Users can request and provide information about missing persons on the site.

Google’s Person Finder is a tool that allows people to post the status or search for family or friends affected by a disaster. In quake-stricken India and Nepal, the Google Person Finder is available via SMS. Google users in the US can also search for their friends and family in Nepal thru text message.

Google’s Person Finder is a free service. Search is also available through SMS in India and the US. Users just have to text “search” to +91-9773300000 in India or +1-650-800-3978 in the US.

Google also reduced the charges for Google Voice calls to Nepal to one cent per minute from the original 19 cents per minute.

Facebook Safety Check

Right after the quake, Facebook activated the Safety Check feature for Nepal and surrounding areas affected by the calamity.

Safety Check was used during the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan in 2011. The service allows users to confirm safety during a disaster. Upon updating your safety status, the social network will send a notification to your friends informing them that you are safe. This feature was officially launched by Facebook last year. It also allows the tracking of people based on available profile information and check-in updates in a specific area affected by natural disasters.

Facebook can also send notifications to smartphones using GPS data depending on cellular signal coverage.

Facebook will also match all user’s donations (up to $2 million) to the International Medical Corps. The IMC is currently distributing hygiene kits, water purifying tablets and other emergency supplies to affected families in Nepal.


For 48 hours, internet messaging and calling service Viber has switched off ‘Viber Out’ billing in Nepal so users can make free calls to mobile and landline numbers anywhere. This is useful for survivors who have access to active Internet connection. Using Viber, people can let their loved ones know that they are safe or in need of assistance.


Microsoft announced free Skype calls to landlines and mobiles in Nepal. The company also pledged a minimum of $1 million worth of technology and connectivity aid to the affected region, which included an immediate donation to NetHope, a company which provides internet connectivity during times of disaster.


Apple’s iTunes Store is accepting donations to the Red Cross.

However way we can, let us extend help to quake victims in Nepal.



Images: Google Person Finder and Nepal Map from Some rights reserved.

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The Language of Emoji

The Language of Emoji
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They’re too cute to be ignored. Just one look, and it’s emoji-love-at-first sight.

Emoji have changed the way we communicate. It gave a whole new light (and feelings, too) to words in our text-based conversations including SMS, emails and chat messages.

Emoji are the modern emoticons. Emoticons represent facial expressions formed using characters on a keyboard while emojis are the pixelated cousins of emoticons.

Emoji originated from Japan in the late 1990s. Shigetaka Kurito of DoCoMo mobile company and his team created 176 characters with 12 pixels per square — all inspired by the manga art and Kanji characters used in the Japanese writing system. Emoji that are essentially smileys that combine images and letters were then introduced and made available for use in SMS.

the language of emoji

It can be said that both emoticons and emoji enhance non-verbal communications, the same way as gestures, facial expressions, intonation and body language do during face-to-face conversations.

Instead of just telling and spelling out what you feel, you can show it through emoticons and emoji. These characters are even regarded as modern-day hieroglyphics — symbols that show.

Last year, over 250 new emoji were added to the original keyboard by Unicode Consortium, the standard that regulates text software, across all platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

The use of emoji varies depending on age group, location, interest and other demographic factors.

What Emojis Say About You and Your Country

SwiftKey, a keyboard app for iOS and Android devices, released a recent study on the most commonly-used emoji in various countries. From October 2014 to January 2015, the app studied and analyzed over one billion emojis used by speakers of 16 languages from different countries all over the world.

Among those studied were the following languages: English (US, Canada, Australia); Spanish (Spain, US, Latin America); Brazilian Portugese, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Malaysian.

The ubiquitous Happy Face (including happy face, winks, kisses and smilies) are the most used emoji category, followed by the Sad Face (including sad and angry faces), Hearts (including colored and broken hearts) and Hand Gestures (thumbs up, clapping hands, peace sign). Romantic-themed emoji including lipstick, kiss mark, love letter and couple kissing ranked fifth, followed by Monkey, Party, Holiday and Violent emoji.

Twitter emoji

Here are other key results:

  • Overall, speakers use emoji positively (75%) only 15% use emoji in a negative way.
  • Canadians have a penchant for the poop emoji. They also scored highest in using emoji related to money, raunchy humor and violent sports.
  • In the UK, royal-themed, wine, winking faces are the widely-used emoji.
  • Malaysian speakers are the most emoji-savvy, with 86% average usage. They are also the funniest and most sleepy lot. Turkish are the least emoji-savvy speakers but they top the list of happy face emoji users.
  • Take this — the heart emoji and not the smiley is the favorite emoji of French speakers. They use heart emoji four times more than other languages. No wonder, they’re also the leading users of wedding-themed emoji. They are also the most positive users of emoji.
  • Arabic speakers have a soft spot for flowers and plants emoji. They use them four times more than average.
  • Russian speakers are the most romantic based on their use of romance-themed emoji.
  • Alcohol, drugs and junk food and holidays dominate Australia’s non-verbal, SMS-language based on their use of emoji. Australians use twice the average alcohol-themed emoji, 65% more drug emoji and leading for both junk food and holiday emoji.
  • Americans use the most LGBT-themed emojis (rainbow, men holding hands, women holding hands) and female-oriented emoji. The most commonly used emoji in the US include birthday cake, skulls, tech, fire, meat (or steak).
  • Brazilians are the most religious speakers based on their emoji use.
  • Spanish speakers use a lot of ‘party time’ emoji.
  • Arabic speakers use emoji most of the time to say something about the weather (sun, hot weather, stars).

In case you’re wondering, some of the raunchy emojis include eggplant, raised fist, peaches and cherries.

Emoji as communication tools

Last year, couples Alex and Liza Goldmark, conducted an experiment involving communication through emoji.

For 30 days, they communicated exclusively using only emoji. It went well at first but they had their share of miscommunication. Alex said they had to define their emoji vocabulary first to sort their understanding of what a particular or series of emoji mean.

Emoji are not meant to replace words, thoughts or feelings. They are often used to enhance and complement the way we communicate. We can’t simply ‘read between the emoji’ and interpret them out of context. That doesn’t work that way.

Emoji fulfills our need to express in a different way and even if some think that the extensive use of emoji has either dumbed or stunted our ability to express using words and punctuations, emoji have definitely enriched our communication experience.



Images: Emoji from and Twitter Emojis from Some rights reserved.

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Hacker Attacks Increased in 2014

Hacker Attacks Increased in 2014
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A data security provider recently revealed that the hacker attacks on large companies increased by 40 percent in 2014.

According to the “Internet Security Threat Report 2015″ released by Symantec Corp., advanced hackers or cyber attackers are using a company’s own infrastructure to infiltrate security systems.

hackerfightHow did this happen? Attackers were able to identify the most common software programs used by targeted companies. Hackers hid malwares in software updates for those programs. When companies download and install that software updates, they automatically infect themselves.

Other key findings of the report revealed the following: malware authors use simple tricks to avoid detection; social networks and applications enable cybercriminals and their activities; and that the attacks on the Internet of Things devices are more serious than ever.

At least five out of six large companies were targeted by various hacker attacks last year. Compared to just 4 days in 2013, it took software companies almost two months or 59 days to create and roll out patches for the said attacks.

passwordThe report said cyber attackers are continuously streamlining and upgrading their hacking techniques while companies struggle to tight old tactics. Phishing attacks on companies increased by 8 percent last year, which means, hackers used less effort than the previous year.

Last year, 60 percent of all targeted attacks affected small and medium-sized organizations that have fewer resources to invest in security, and still not adopting to basic best practices in addressing security threats.

With regards to vulnerability of mobile devices, the report found that 17 percent of all Android apps (nearly one million total), were actually malware in disguise. The security company also observed that 70 percent of social media scams were manually shared.


Images: Password security from and The Hacker Fight from

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4 Great Weather Apps

4 Great Weather Apps
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The weather these days is totally unpredictable and we have climate change to blame for that. For those who don’t have time to watch the weather news or scour the Internet for information, weather apps for smartphones come in handy.

cloudy nightWeather apps provide us with the most relevant information about the current weather conditions and forecasts. We would often our weather app in the morning before we go outdoors so we know what to expect and what to wear for the day (and night).

We should choose weather apps based on a few criteria:

  • Accuracy – this is important if we up-to-date and accurate weather information. There are location-based weather apps that can give you the most relevant forecast in your location.
  • Information – if you want a comprehensive, detailed information about the weather, including a five-day forecast, meteorological details, amount of precipitation, lightning tracker, and many other data available at your fingertips
  • Interface – a weather app is our daily companion. We must be able to use it conveniently and without any fuss. An app with intuitive interface is a must.


Based on polls and reviews, here are some of the most-used weather apps:

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel provides the best world weather news. It is described as the go-to weather app for Android users. It has details on current conditions and temperature, including high and low temperatures for the day. It has detailed information up 10-day forecast. It provides the tools that users need to plan their day. It uses your phone’s location-tracking capabilities to provide forecasts. It is also available for iOS users.

Yahoo! Weather

This user-friendly weather app for Android and iOS was declared winner of Apple’s 2013 Design Awards. If you are focused on how weather information is presented to you, then Yahoo! Weather is your app of choice. It has a stunning interface that is both informative and presentable. It displays images of your location with corresponding date, time and weather conditions. It has the option to view details of 5-day forecasts and other additional info like interactive radar, heat and satellite maps.


1Weather has generated good reviews from users and was ranked as the highest-rated free weather app on Google Play. It is described as the Most Attractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App by

If you want to see animated sunrise, sunset, and Lunar phases on your smartphone or tablet, 1Weather is the app for you.

1Weather has real-time local weather and forecasts worldwide, a 10-day extended forecast and precipitation information, 36-hour and 7-day interactive charts as well as hourly forecasts. It has live animated radar and severe weather layers for calamities (fire, flood, freezing, hurricane, ice, snow, tornados, wind, and winter). This feature is available for U.S; users only. You can also customize weather units based on your preference.


Superior accuracy of forecasts and weather information is what made AccuWeather one of the most established weather-tracking apps today.

It has a free version but if you want to access more features and information, go for the AccuWeather Platinum.

With Accuweather Platinum, you can access minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour forecasts depending on your location. It provides the precipitation warnings, information about wind pressure and wind details and many more information, including the UV index, visibility, and dew point, which are not readily available on free weather apps.

Users can customize notifications for the app and choose to receive alerts during critical weather events. It has the usual weather data like current, hourly, and daily temperature and precipitation information, and intuitive slide-to-navigate controls.

Images: Weather Forefast and Cloudy Night from

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How to Deal With Online Trolls

How to Deal With Online Trolls
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Several years after Facebook and Twitter were launched in cyberspace, so-called online or social media trolls continue to thrive. Trolls are everywhere. They leave non-sense, infuriating comments on websites, they post incomprehensible stuff on Youtube, they post spam messages on blogs, message boards and social networks and they flood timelines. They do a whole lot of other annoying things online. They’re like a stain on an impeccable clean sheet. The bad news — there’s no way to get rid of them. We just have to learn to deal with them.

Spotting a troll

internet troll

Trolls are those who stir up trouble in social networks and social media communities. They post “inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic comments” with the deliberate intention of evoking emotional response from Internet users. They engage in discussions mainly to provoke or annoy. There are different kinds of trolls — chat trolls, message board trolls, user page trolls, the list seems to be unending.

Mainly, trolls crave and want attention. Their first purpose is to incite other Internet users to respond or reply to their posts. They post comments in chat rooms or in online communities to break the normal flow of discussion or debate. At times, they use abusive names towards other Internet users. The bottomline — trolls want to make themselves the main topic of interest or discussion.

Face trolls squarely

The only important tip in dealing with trolls — Don’t feed them. We already know that trolls want attention. If we don’t give them want they want, they would eventually stop annoying and pestering us.

Companies encounter and deal with trolls on a daily basis. Trolls post unreasonable complaints and rants on official Facebook pages and social media channels. Sometimes they even tag company brands on Twitter just for the sake of posting anything obnoxious. But if left ignored for a long time, trolls might tarnish or damage the image of companies or brands.

Public relations teams of companies should know how to handle trolls. You don’t have to answer all troll posts. One reply is enough. Just one retort that would send a clear message to the troll and to all online users that the company won’t tolerate the ways of Internet trolls.

internet treeThe most common strategy of companies is to come up with humorous or witty replies to trolls. You get to address the troll problem by making light of the situation and show that the company is not at all affected with troll trouble makers. Remember, trolls want to annoy and infuriate others. If you get angry and engage in a full online word war with trolls, then you’ve just made them happy. But company trolling is another thing. A company resorting to being a troll in response to trolls is not good customer service.

If you’re a blogger or a website administrator and you encounter a troll that keeps on posting messages on your website (user page troll), just reply once to ask the troll to stop posting on your page.

If you’re in a chat room or in a Facebook group and trolls start to invade and won’t stop, seek the intervention of the administrator of the chat room or online group.

If you are the administrator of an online community and you want to protect and keep your site troll-free, you must become an active member of your community. Be aware of the conversations of your website’s members, followers and fans. It would be easy for you to step in whenever there is a trolling or bullying problem if you know the context of the conversations. Also post guidelines and online etiquettes for the entire community.

Twitter vs. trolls

Twitter recently announced that it will implement new measures against Internet trolls. The social network said it is designing a new filter system that will prevent and block abusive messages on anyone’s Twitter feed.

“We have begun to test a product feature to help us identify suspected abusive Tweets and limit their reach,” Shreyas Doshi, Twitter’s director of product management, said in a blog post.

Twitter also updated its violent threats policy to extend to “threats of violence against others or promoting violence against others.”

Through an “additional enforcement option” Twitter said it can “lock abusive accounts for specific periods of time.” “This option gives us leverage in a variety of contexts, particularly where multiple users begin harassing a particular person or group of people,” Doshi further said.

  • An account may be locked for a pre-defined time period
  • A user may be asked to verify their phone number
  • Certain actions are prohibited on Twitter
  • A user may be asked to delete certain Tweets. After completing the requested actions, the account will be unlocked.

Earlier this year, Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo admitted the company’s weakness in dealing with abuse and trolls on the social media platform and said they will get tough on them from now on.

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years. It’s no secret that the rest of the world talks about it every day. We lose core user after core user by not addressing simple trolling issues that they face every day. We’re going to start kicking these people off right and left and making sure that when they issue their ridiculous attacks, nobody hears them,” Costolo said in a report.

Note: This news article was quoted in this report.

Images: Internet troll and Internet from

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How The Live Chat Session Experience Helps Customer Service

How The Live Chat Session Experience Helps Customer Service
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Chatting can help improve digital and verbal communications. It is very similar to instant messaging and not too different from speaking to a client face-to-face. Live chat sessions in business communication can be both a challenging and enjoyable experience.

A live chat session can provide the best information needed by clients. Businesses can respond to customer inquiries in real-time, provide information about company products and services, act on requests, and provide customer support and assistance.

We at Brosix are happy to offer Live Chat as a service to our customers.

How to start a live-chat session

chat-309417_1280Before customers or clients can start a live chat session with customer support agents or assistants, they have to fill-out a simple form provided in the company website. Information on how to contact live support is often indicated in the FAQs or About Us page of a company website.

After providing the necessary information and initial inquiry, just wait for the response of the live chat customer assistant. Inquiries are often queued depending on the volume of customers accessing the live chat support.

If possible, provide as much information on the chat form when submitting initial inquiry. Reference number from a previous inquiry or chat session, can be used to pull up information of previous queries. It will be helpful in tracking orders and requests.

The conversation or chat session will be initiated in separate chat box, allowing customers to navigate the company website while chatting with the live-chat customer support agent.

Supplemental information will allow live-chat support assistants to provide the best possible service and most accurate response to your queries. .

Customers have the option to provide feedback on live-chat session and how the live-chat customer support assistant handled the session. Feedbacks are important to improve the customer service and enhance the customer experience.

At end of each chat session, the customer has the option to print or save transcript of the session for future reference.

Images: Chat symbol and Customer connection from Some rights reserved.

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Happy Earth Day! 17 Ways to Show Your Love for Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day! 17 Ways to Show Your Love for Mother Earth
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April 22 marks the observance and celebration of Earth Day. On this day, people around the globe, especially advocates of environmental issues gather and conduct many activities and awareness campaigns on how ordinary people can preserve and protect Mother Earth.

The first Earth Day celebration was observed in the US in 1970. Back then, 22 million Americans celebrated clean, air, land, and water. This year marks the 45th year of Earth Day. Now, the annual activity is worldwide gathering celebrated in 192 countries.

The Environmental Protection Agency listed schedules of events on Earth Day. Even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have lined up public events and online activities on April 22.

earthThe biggest Earth Day activity set this year is the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day celebration. The main event is a free concert that is expected to draw more than 250,000 people at the National Mall, DC. The activity aims to citizens, businesses and world leaders to act now to address climate change and global poverty.

In our previous article we discussed smart ways to discard old and unused gadgets. In this article, we will give a few tips and suggestions on how we can contribute to the conservation of our planet’s dwindling natural resources.

We can celebrate Earth Day wherever we are in the world. In our own little way, we can make a big change and create an impact on how to show love our planet. This is the day to be kind to the planet

Conserve energy

this is the most basic thing that we can do to protect the planet. Energy efficiency and energy conservation reduces carbon footprint and production of greenhouse gases and emission of carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming and climate change. There are many ways to conserve energy in your home and office:

  • Turn off appliances and equipment when not in use
  • Select the most energy-efficient models when replacing old appliances
  • Use the correct thermostat when cooling or heating rooms
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs at home
  • Practice reusing, reducing and recycling
  • Make home improvements like insulating walls and ceilings, modernizing windows and planting shade trees
  • Practice car pooling
  • Walk or bike short distances
  • Keep track of environmental voting records of candidates

Conserve water

Water conservation is essential even in areas where it seems abundant. By conserving water and properly using water sources, we save on our utility bill and prevent water pollution in local watersheds and nearby lakes and rivers. The lesser the amount of flowing water through septic systems, the lower the likelihood water pollution.

  • Check water pipes and faucets for leaks
  • Check toilets for leaks
  • Do not use throw waste materials into the toilet bowl
  • Install water saving shower-heads and low-flow faucets
  • Insulate water pipes
  • Take shorter showers
  • Wash on clothes and dishes on full loads
  • Don’t leave the water from the faucet running

Participate in community activities. Joining community service and activities like tree-planting and clean-up drives is a good opportunity to meet more people who are also caring for the environment. You can organize or lead workshops on recycling.

Let’s dedicate each day to making our planet a better place to live in.

Images: Nature preservation and Planet Earth from Some rights reserved

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