Utilizing instant messaging in a corporate environment

Utilizing instant messaging in a corporate environment
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Using instant messaging in a corporate environment is extremely useful in a number of different ways. When a business has employees working from home utilizing instant messaging the need to wait for a return phone call or e-mail from an employee is eliminated. Instant messaging literally puts contacting employees at your fingertips.

If your employee is using their computer, they will see your message. No need to keep checking e-mails, or having work interrupted by the formalities of a phone call. In instances of employees working from home, instant messaging is a great way to make sure an employee is actually working because you can check their instant message availability status.

Conference calls become a breeze when instant messaging is being used. Co-workers can easily steer a call in the right direction by instant messaging each other during the call and your client or whoever is on the other end will be none the wiser. With instant messaging your conference calls can take place with each employee comfortably in their own office, desk or home.
Featured photo credit: kennymatic via photopin ccIf your business operates with remote employees, requires communication between co-workers and frequently speaks with clients via conference calls, instant messaging is a must have for your business.

photo credit: Furryscaly via photopin cc

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