Why Instant Messaging is Now More Popular Than SMS

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Why Instant Messaging is Now More Popular Than SMSSMS, or short message service, is quite simply known as text messages in today’s world. When a person writes a text message, they can write the text they’d like along with adding emoticon characters, and sometimes even graphics.

Sending SMS is a popular option for communicating with one another; however, the problem lies in the wait time of messages. Instant messaging on the other hand, allows people to send messages quickly between one another at an almost instantaneous rate. This allows people to communicate as if they were talking face to face, but with messages instead. Furthermore, there is also the option for people to send emoticons and even photos through instant messaging.

With smartphones, people have the capability to access the Internet wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot. On smartphones, instant messaging apps can be downloaded from the marketplaces of the service providers. Once downloaded and installed, people can log in to the app and begin sending and receiving messages with their contacts. Because of the ease and popularity of instant messaging apps, it is causing SMS to become obsolete. As more and more Wi-Fi hotspots are integrated throughout the nation, smartphone users are able to instant message for free versus paying for an SMS plan.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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